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We sell & manufacture several products to help your venting problems from Broan range hoods, backsplashes, & bathroom vent fans, DeFlecto vents to the GDVC-200 dryer vent guard.

GDVC-200, dryer vent cover

Over 22,500 in use in 25 states. Extra HEAVY DUTY dryer vent covers that are constructed of 14 GA. STAINLESS STEEL, Type 304, 2B Mill finish; is durabel where harsh treatment is normal; easy to install but hard to remove without the proper tools; virtually MAINTENANCE FREE; visually acceptabale; affordable; & fits over most 3" & 4" wide mouth dryer vent heads and most flat units with flappers. SAVE MONEY, STOP REPLACING YOUR DRYER VENTS. In response to requests for help in reducing or eliminating continual replacements of the dryer vents in use today we offer the standard moder GDVC - 200. Many of the current materials, whether plastic or metal, just seem to fold up or crack whten hit by a baseball, basketball, lawn mower, weed eater, stick, shoe, etc. Duplication of labor and materials costs add up in a hurry. The GDVC - 200 is designed to fit over most existing vents. Installation kits are available with Stainless Steel one-way head screws. We've been making the SS dryer vent covers since 1983. As close to a 'lifetime' product as you can get at a reasonable price. For added protection from birds see the GDVC-200S.

GDVC-200-S Dryer Vent Guard & Birdscreen

GDVC-200-S, 14 GA STAINLESS STEEL, Type 304, 2B Mill finish, fits over most 3" & 4" wide mouth dryer vents with flappers. Has a combination Bird/Drug screen that prevents birds or people from reaching the flapper vent.


We have various venting products needed for your projects from 4" dryer vents, range hood vents, to roof vents. PLEASE SEE DRYER VENTS ALSO. PROTECT YOUR DRYER VENTS FROM VANDILISM BY THE GDVC-200 OR GDVC-200S STAINLESS STEEL VENT GUARDS.

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