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Cool Guard®

We have been manufacuring the Cool Guard® since 1997 when we designed & tested it. Over 17k units are now in service. The Cool Guard® has been tested & approved by the major manufactures of A/C units. It has been installed on Military Bases to be used for protection against terrorism.


PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT FROM COPPER THEFT!! The Cool Guard® by Gregory Supply Co. is the answer to your vandalism, theft, & accidental contact damage problems for your A/C condensers. Cool Guards® eliminate or prevent damage to your A/C condensers from many sources, including climbing, standing, or jumping on the condenser, as well as sticks & rocks in the fan & coils and accidental contact from mowers & weedeaters. The Cool Guard® covers the A/C unit from top to bottom. There are no 2-4" gaps at the bottom of the unit to allow trash to accumulate inside the guard. The Cool Guard® also prevents HAIL damage. The COOL GUARD® is constructed from heavy duty 14 & 12 ga G90 galvanized steel for maximum strength and appearance.


Easy to service A/C units. One person can operate tilting of Cool Guard® when necessary. We provide custom openings in rear of Cool Guard® for access to line sets & valves.


We custom make our Cool Guard® to fit your units no matter what size or type. Consturcted of the same strong material as the standard Cool Guard®.

To see a spec sheet of the cool guard unit click here.
To print or save the Cool Guard spec sheet as a pdf file click here
To view Cool Guard assembly instructions click here.
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