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We make several types of guards including but not limited too dryer vent guards, foundation vent guards,& Cool Guard@ condenser guards which are being used where damage or theft is possible.

PROTECT YOUR A/C COPPER FROM THEFT. Scrap and resale values are high. Damage from many sources, including climbing, standing, or jumping on the condenser, as well as sticks and rocks in the fan and coils are also being reported. In areas where hail damage is possible The Cool Guard® prevents hail from striking the condenser. The Cool Guard® also reduces contact by mowers and other yard working equipment.

These heavy duty condenser guards from Gregory Supply offer maximum strength, the best look and the best protection barrier available.

To see a spec sheet of this GDVC-200 click here.

Dryer Vent Guard GDVC-200

GDVC-200, STAINLESS STEEL, 14 GA, Type 304, 2B mill finish, fits over most 3" & 4" wide mouth dryer vents with flappers. See VENTING PRODUCTS FOR COMPLETE LISTING